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Health Protector


Health protector offers a health protection cover for you and your family for any illness, disease or injury


  • 121 Surgical procedures covered without 24 hours of hospitalization
  • Automatic restoration of Sum Insured
  • Hospitalization treatment for less than 24 hours covered under specified circumstances
  • Emergency Additional Services at no extra cost
  • Option of double the Sum Insured in case of critical illness
  • Non-allopathic treatment is also covered up to the limit of sum Insured
  • Tax rebate available as per provision of Income Tax Rules under section 80-D


Room Rent Limit
Up to 1.75% of sum insured
ICU Daily Rent Limit
Up to 3% of sum insured
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses
45 days
Post Hospitalization Expenses
60 days
Minimum Hospitalization Period
24 hrs
Day Care Procedure Coverage
121 procedures covered
Additional Cover for Critical Illness
Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured
Option, can be avail by paying additional premium
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage
After 48 months of continuous coverage
Waiting Period for New Policy
30 days
up to 20% in case of second and subsequent claims are there
Free Health Checkup
Up to 1% of sum insured, payable once after 4 consecutive claim free years
Ambulance Expenses
Up to 1% of sum insured, Max 2500
Non-Allopathic Treatments
Covered, up to sum insured
Daily Hospitalization Allowance
Up to 0.2%
No Claim Bonus
Up to 5% of sum insured, Max 50%